About the SCRA

‚ÄčThe Somerset County Rifle Association is a Target Rifle Shooting Club utilising Langport (MoD) Range near High Ham in Somerset and a private range in Mid Devon.

The normal distances we shoot at are 300/400, 500 and 600 yards.  Occasionally we shoot at shorter distances and get out out muskets, revolvers, and canons!  Occasionally we go to other ranges like Bisley and shoot out to 1000 yards... 

We shoot all "full bore" rifles and have three main classes:

Target Rifle (TR) - Very accurate .308 Win/7.62 rifles with iron sights, jackets and slings

Vintage - Mostly .303 Lee Enfields, but any war time/military weapons in old calibers with iron sights are allowed.

F ClassVery accurate .308 Win/7.62 rifles with powerful telescopic sights and bi-pods.

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SCRA is a UK Home Office Approved Club, Affiliated to the NRA:

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